Assistance and Support for New Residents of the Netherlands

Your Guide to Life in the Netherlands

Assistance for Newcomers in the Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands! We are here to make your first steps in this new country easier. Whether you’re coming here for work, study, or just a fresh start – our team of experts will provide you with support at every stage.

With us, you’ll quickly feel at home.

Comprehensive Support for Everyone

Our Additional Services to Make Your Life Easier

Beyond expertise in accounting and tax settlements, we also offer a wide range of other services. These services save you time and stress, helping you adapt quickly to life in the Netherlands. See how we can help you.


Assistance with obtaining a BSN number

We handle obtaining your BSN number, which is essential for living and working in the Netherlands.


Assistance with registration in the Netherlands

We assist in the entire registration process, making your adaptation in a new country easier.


Help with obtaining a DigiD code

We help in acquiring a DigiD code, necessary for using online public services.


Assistance in setting up and choosing health insurance in NL

We advise on choosing the most suitable health insurance for you.


Subsidy for health insurance

We help in obtaining full subsidy for your health insurance.


Car registration for tax purposes

We facilitate the registration of your car for taxation and ensure everything is legal.


Assistance in obtaining unemployment benefits in NL

We assist in the process of applying for unemployment benefits, so you can focus on finding new work.


Assistance with Belastingdienst matters

We represent you in dealings with the Dutch tax administration, resolving any issues and doubts.


Assistance in filling out documents (benefits, etc.)

We take care of completing and submitting all required documents, so you can focus stress-free on other matters.

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