Service Price List

Tax Settlement
Corporate subscription for companies from €80
Individual settlement in the Netherlands €60
Tax settlement in Poland €50
VAT (BTW) tax settlement from from €100
Mortgage settlement first year €150
Mortgage settlement (subsequent year) €120
Income certificate issuance €80
Subsidies for a child, housing, insurance. €50
Subsidy retention €35
Tax Settlement
Unemployment benefit €100
Monthly management of unemployment benefit €100
Transfer of benefit to Poland/EU €70
Filling out inkomstenopgave WW uitkering €50
Family benefit (SVB) from €70
Filling out a questionnaire – sickness benefit €75
Insurance registration €50
Registration/cancellation of road tax €50
Filling out the “Opgaaf wereldinkomen” €30
Providing a correspondence address €50 - 1 year
Consultations from €40
Digid code for a non-registered person €60
Account registration with Belastingdienst €50